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What if you could make your own hours outside of school and decide what you wanted to be paid?  What if you could afford to go on vacations and go shopping again?

But what if there was a better option?  What if you didn't have to work for someone else for your second job?

We work SO hard and are SO passionate about what we do, but the numbers don't lie.  52% of teachers in NC have to work a second job to make ends meet.  I've been there.  I would hustle after working all day to go to my second job, come home, and CRASH in my bed.

Let's face it, we teachers have to work a second job.

I'm here to help you live your best creative & financially free life!

You work your butt off, love teaching, and most of learning.

You love the idea of creating your own work hours outside of school

You want a creative outlet that will help you hit financial goals

You are tired of living paycheck to paycheck

This plan is for you if...

I've doubled my income and found a second job I absolutely love!

Ask Jenna...

Let me teach you how I did it.

Creating and making people feel beautiful and celebrated from behind the camera.  Where my words of affirmation people at?!

Buying clothes you're obsessed with, not just having to shop sales racks because it's your only option. (But also shout out to my thrift shoppers cause YAS GIRL SAME)

Paying off your student loans earlier than you thought possible!!

More weekend getaways to experience all that life has to offer throughout the year.

Say yes to...

I want to encourage you to chase this dream as wild as it may feel.  That feeling in your gut that says "what if I can do this?"....listen to that feeling because you CAN do this.  You just need to learn a few basics to launch your biz successfully and I am here to help you every step of the way.


All i do is

I'll be your full time hype girl.  I am here to encourage you and help you find joy and financial freedom in this creative outlet.


Wait what?! Yea girl. Every week you'll get homework but don't worry, I promise to make it directly impactful to your business.


You'll get one hour weekly coaching calls for 12 weeks that will be specifically tailored to your business.

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I'm here to come along side you and help you get your business off the ground!  I want to help you, coach you, and teach you how to launch your own photography business to supplement your income!!

Here's What You'll Get

Several years ago, I was feeling burnt out.  I had just gotten home from my honeymoon and we still had SEVERAL weeks of school left until summer.  I was creatively exhausted.  But I had this crazy idea to start a photography business.
People told me many reasons why I shouldn't...but the more I listened to podcasts, and googled "how to shoot in manual",  I knew I wanted to pursue the heck out of this thing.  Years later, I love both of my jobs with my whole heart, I have climbed out of debt, and I have made couples and new mama's feel celebrated and beautiful! 

I will help you learn how to  get consistently great shots, edit with ease, invest in the right gear, market yourself on social media, land a sale, and live your BEST financially free LIFE!!

Here's why I wanna help you supplement your income with your own photography business.

Take it from me, you can do this too!!

Hey, I'm Jenna!

One on one coaching with me is a uniquely personalized experience that is customized to each photographer.

Here's How You Can Get Started

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Now, are you ready to dive in?

Teacher friend, you can do this! You are more powerful than you know.