If you're here that means you too are with the love of your life and find SO much joy in just simply being together!!  Seriously, your person is the best and you can't help but feel SO undeniably, wildly, and unapologetically in love with everything about them! 
Saturdays are now filled with going to the beach together to watch the sunset over the water, or traveling to hike the beautiful NC mountains, or maybe hitting up your favorite local bar to toast to an incredible week!  Truly, as long as you're with your person, it is an adventure!! 
 I call those everyday adventures, and I believe those tender, intimate everyday moments deserve to be captured. 
SO all that to say, let's go on a journey together!  Let's create artful imagery while we explore!  Lets dream bigger when it comes to capturing your love story!  Go ahead and dive head first into the ocean, roll around in the sand, and connect with the love of your life more deeply than ever before.  Go ahead and let's tell the story of YOUR love story!!

Adventure Sessions for the

Unapologetic Lovers

Capturing tender, seaside moments for unapologetic lovers

You may have noticed that I'm a super mushy person (like I really LOVE love) and I am SO down to get creative and get in the water with you!  When you're in the water I will pose you and your love in ways that will allow you to feel more connected to one another while also jumping and  splashing around in the waves.  If you're not use to being in front of the camera, it can feel a little vulnerable, so please feel free to bring some liquid luck (HP reference hehe) if you or your boo need it! 
I take pride in creating a safe and comfortable space for my couples to snuggle up to one another because I believe intimacy is SO important to every relationship.  Being able to rest in the arms of your partner creates a foundation that can survive the toughest of storms. 

Down to get in the water?!

How does it work?!

"It does not do to dwell on dreams,
and forget to live"

Step one

Step two

Step three

Inquire with me and tell me about ALL the mushy details of your love story!  If you have a vision for your adventure, please share!! If you need help, I can send you tons of inspo and mood boards!

I will send you my investment guide as well as a link to my calendar to book a date that works best for you!  Once you pick your date I'll send over your proposal for the creative fee of $300 to make your adventure official!!!

I will send over my adventure planning guide that has all the local vendors I recommend as well as places to shop locally for your Adventure fits!

Step Five

You'll receive your gallery within TWO WEEKS of your session!!  You'll be able to see all your images and then select how many of the images you want to purchase to download from your session, as well as prints and wall art.

Step four


"Jenna made us feel right at ease!! She brought such a wonderful, chill, and happy energy to our session. She put us both right at ease. "

Five star reviews

I deliver 55 images minimum.  You'll be able view all the best images from your session and choose how many digital photos you want to purchase, or purchase your full gallery!

How many photos can I expect?

If you live in the Wilmington or Raleigh area I do not charge travel.  If you are more than 30 miles from Wilmington or Raleigh I do charge a Travel Fee.

Do you charge Travel Fees?

I send off my adventure sessions within 2 weeks of the date we are together! 

What is your turn around time?

I do not deliver RAW files.  I deliver your gallery and when you receive all of your images you are receiving the best of the best images and edited with my style that I've been working so hard to master over the years! (:  

Do you deliver RAW files?


Do we have to be celebrating something to book an Adventure Session?

Not at all!  I think all love should be celebrated period!  It is such a treasure finding your person, and every stage should be captured and documented!

I'm a little nervous about the spicy part, do we have to do that?

Every couple is so uniquely and beautifully different; therefore, I will never push you beyond what you're comfortable with.  Some couples may be totally comfortable kissing and laying down on the beach, and others may not!  We will capture your love story in a beautiful and artistic way based on what you and your partner are comfortable with!

Are Adventure Sessions only for couples?

Definitely not!  Adventure sessions are great for Branding and Seniors! I also believe getting photos taken of only yourself is a beautiful form of self-love! 

Oh, the places we'll adventure!

Where I're Created:

My Location Wish List:

  • Joshua Tree, CA (can I get a hot tub for my couples please? Seriously the outdoor bathtubs are insanely cute)
  • Glacier National Park, MT (Epic mountain views? LETS GO!)
  • Pacific Northwest (cause it gives me major Twilight vibes and I'm here for that)
  • The Salt Flats (an artist's dream location)
  • Charleston, SC
  • Garden of the Gods, CO
  • Rosemary Beach, FL
  • Chicago, IL
  • Newport, RI
  • Boone, NC
  • Asheville, NC
  • Richmond, VA
  • Key Largo, FL
  • Salem, MA
I have created this unique experience for my couples by the sea in Wilmington, North Carolina. But sometimes adventure calls elsewhere. If you ever have a travel itch, let me know... I have some places in mind. 

Your Story Holds Purpose

I know every love story will face real life challenges, and I think that is the most breathtaking part of it all. My personal love story has changed me. It has shown me the ups and downs refine you. I believe capturing the season of life and love you are in not only honors where you and your love are, but also where you are going. Your love is supposed to be unapologetic, raw, real, and exactly what it is today. Right now - this is love.

 I am here to capture today’s intimate details for you to cherish for years to come, while reigniting the connection that started it all. Ready to dive in?

Let's do this!

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