Hey lovers!!  This is one of my most favorite pages on my website, but shh don't tell anyone!  Capturing couples in love sets my soul on fire!!!  I believe finding your person is one of God's biggest blessings in this life and I want to capture and tell your unique and beautiful love story through the images we create together.   During our time I will tell you two exactly how to pose and how to move to capture the way your boo gushes over you, or the way you giggle when you two are together.  I cherish every moment I get to work with my sweet couples!! Whether we are capturing your engagement or just because, let's make it the most special adventure!!

And So Our Adventure... BEGINS!!

Couples & Adventure Sessions

      An Adventure Session can be a portrait session that is anywhere that you and your boo hold near and dear to your heart, OR a place you've always wanted to travel!  Got a bucket list place you've always dreamed of exploring?  Lets go!!  We can go hiking around Glacier National park or to your own backyard for smore's.  Adventure is up to each couple because I personally believe that everyday can be an adventure if you decide to make it that way!!

Let's create an experience of a lifetime together and plan and create a session that you'll never forget!

So what is an Adventure Session?

How does it work?!

"It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live"

Step one

Step two

Step three

Step four

Inquire with me and tell me about an adventure that makes your heart soar!

We hop on a call and chat through creating your DREAM session at your DREAM location!

I'll send you your custom quote based on our call and then we make this official!!!

IT'S ADVENTURE TIME!!  I will come prepared to your session ready to tell you exactly where to stand, how to pose, and create with your dream vision in mind the whole time! 

Step Five

You arrive home or back to your hotel and within 24 hours you receive sneak peeks from your session to share with everyone!!

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